#11 Pine tree Edi

At lasercut.be they've got multiple materials to lasercut! For now, I looked for a light (poplar) and a darker (okoumé) option. Both are quite homogeneous (few amount of veins). Whilest looking to the stock, I saw a more flame-nerved wooden material that I liked a lot. Pine tree has a nice yellow flaming structure and fits nice in modern interiors, contrasting to black. It follows the trend of OSB interiors (which I personally like a lot).

At the end of the day, we tried lasering an Edison out of the pine tree without really testing. Surprisingly I fitted like a glove, using the okoumé production files. Next to that pine wood is advantageous to lasercut: it burns really clean (almost no soot)!

We do like this "Pine tree Edi" a lot, how about you?
Expect some pine tree options soon!