#12 Bigger and bolder

After almost 3 weeks of sales, there is a growing demand for larger models. This weekend, I started upscaling the models.

All lustr.'s are designed to fit flatpack boxes of 40 by 30 cm (M-size), which are standardized. This is also 1/6th of a standard wood panel of 120 by 60 cm we use at lasercut.be. To start off with the upscaling, this had to be considered in order to produce efficiently! For the L-size, a 60 by 40 cm flatpack box is choosen; it's also 1/3rd of a standard wood panel. 

Because the Edison. model is the largest to fit the 40 by 30 box, this is the reference for upscaling. A few hours later, I became an L-sized Edison. that grew 158%. The large model will by 47,5 by 60 cm (width by height) which is quite large for an eye-catcher in your living room. In order to become the same proportions, the lamella thickess is also upscaled towards 6mm.