#4 Endove.

~ a graceful bowl of light.


With this model, I tried to combine an inner and outer contour in one and the same pedant lamp. The form of the lamella reminded me of a dove: graceful and dynamic.
Because of the width of the lamellae, there are fewer compared to previous models. This prevents the pendant of becoming too dark. 

Some remarks: fittings to instal the socket are on point. Although the middle crown creates a dark upper part which isn't favorable to reveal the full contour.
Wood fittings seem to be a hard part because thicknesses of the board vary. Sometimes the fitting is perfect, sometimes the fitting is too tight to handle in an easy way.
Therefore I'm thinking to loose the fitting overall and use a rubber band to keep the lamellaes into place; this could be an characteristic part of the brand.

A special thanks to Lasercut.be for the collaboration.

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